Hush Hush...

Due to confidentiality, I can't show all the latest promotions, landing pages and sites I've created. Please contact me if you want insight into this recent work. Until then, feel free to take a look at some older campaigns and websites further down the page.

Contact me for more info:
Call: (+45) 3146 5008




TAFFEL, a facebook campaign


Facebook campaign. Win Chips and beers for an evening with the boys, Invite your friends over. Agency: McCann CPH


The invitation send to your friends:




Mit TDC 

Campaign site, integrated advertising for the largest Danish telecom

Mit TDC, Banner campaign "rejseklar tale"




Carl Hansen & Son, The wishbone chair

Anniversary campaign site





Tuborg. Campaigns and Sites

Selection of Campaigns and sites for Tuborg:




Interactive videobanner / Catch the ball and get your 7 lucky numbers

Animated dynamic banners / promotes the weekly prize





Carl Hansen & Son 

Global website


Videnskabet / The Science

Explorative educational material for Physics, Chemistry and Biology Classes in Danish schools. Client: Malling Beck



Polle fra Snave

Movie site for the danish movie "Polle Fiction"